Kissamos is the perfect destination for those who, seek a Peaceful Place for holidays, want to meet Cretan Tradition and Filoxenia, who want to explore some of the most famous Beaches on the world, who want to taste Traditional Cretan Cuisine and Traditional Products and visit Traditional Villages

Discover, Enjoy!!


A protected Island, whose beauty is known all over the world. It has been awarded as the 10th most beautiful beach in the world. The crystal clear water combined with the pink sand create a magic scene. You can go to the island on foot, walking in the shallow water that separates it from Crete. A place that every visitor must see! It is located at the northwest side of Crete and you can go there by bus or by car.

Kedrodassos ( Forest with Kedros )

It is a forest by the beach of rare beauty, hidden on the south west west Crete. The crystal blue water, the green of the forest and the serenity of the beach will make you feel like you are in Paradise. It is located 3 kilometers east from Elafonissi. You can go until a point by car and after 10-15 minutes walk you will have the paradise in front of you.

Chrissoskalitissa Monastery

The name Chrissoskalitissa means the stair of the Mother of God. The legend says that when Ottomans conquered the island, the Nuns hid all the monastery’s gold under a specific stai. According to legend , only the Christians with deep faith can detect the golden stair. Chrissoskalitissa is build high on a rock northwest of the island close to Elafonissi.

Saint Sofia Cave

On your way to Elafonissi, after you pass through the tunnel, if you look high on the right side of the mountain, you will see the Saint Sofia’s cave. It may seem small from the outside, but the central hall is 10 meters high and it has 70 meters diameter. The legend says that Saint Georgios has also been there, and on a rock inside the cave there is a print of his horse.


The famous lagoon of Balos, is located on the north west of Crete, hidden at Gramvoussa cape.
It is a protected area, with undergrowth and very shallow water, forming lakes between the rocks. For those who will choose to visit Balos by car, you will have to walk for about 20 minutes but you will enjoy the breathtaking view and the saint of the thyme and the oregano that grow at this area. For those who will choose to book a day cruise you will enjoy the landscape of Gramvoussa cape.


… the pirate island! The Island of Gramvoussa, is located on the north west Crete across the Balos Lagoon. The only inhabitants of the island are the animals and the undergrowth. Gramvoussa island is also a protected area. The castle on the top of the island, the crystal clear water, the myth for the pirates’ hidden treasure and the shipwreck which is standing at the beach from 1968 create a fairy atmosphere!


The most awarded beach of Crete! It is always in the 10 best beaches in Europe. The water is more than clear and the beach very long. The view from the top is more than magic! The ancient Falassarna was a city – state and there, was located one of the most important harbors of Crete. According to the archeologists, it was inhabited for the first time during the Minoan era. The ancient Falassarna and it’ s harbor are now located above the sea’s altitude, probably because of the earthquake of 365 AD.

Mavros Molos – Black Sea Wall

Where once stood the ancient harbor of Kissamos, you will now find a very beautiful and well organized beach awarded also with blue flag. The sand is gold, the water is shallow and crystal and the trees green! Enjoy your day in this very beautiful beach!

Archeological Museum of Kissamos

The archeological museum of Kissamos is located at the center of the city at an ancient building, which was once the Venetian-Turkish residence and was located in the center of the Venetian Castle. Iside it is exposed a big collection from artifacts, found buried in the area of Kissamos and also in the area of Falassarna and Polirinia.
Address : Tzanakaki Square, 73400, Kissamos
Working days : Tuesday – Sunday
Working hours : 08:30-15:00
Tel. : 00302822083308

Archeological sites of Kissamos

Walking around Kissamos, you will be able to see parts of the Venetian fortress that was build at the beginnings of the 13th century and also the Roman baths in the eastern and the western part of the city.


At the village Polirinia, 6 kilometers on the south of Kissamos, is located the ancient city of Polirinia that was the biggest ancient city of the West Crete. The oldest findings of this city are calculated from the 11th century BC.


Gramvoussia is a series of events, taking place in Kissamos and the villages that belong to the Municipality of Kissamos. The events start at the end of July and last until the first days of September. For those who will visit Kissamos at this season will have the chance to enjoy endless Cretan feasts. Every day a different theme, but the spirit and the rhythm remains original! Traditional! Cretan!

Kissamitikos Augustos – August of Kissamos

Those who are lucky enough to be in Kissamos during August, will feel what really means Crete! What really means Kissamos! Two weeks dedicated in the promotion of tradition, the culture and the local products of Kissamos. Everyone have heard or watched Cretan Weddings, but during this feast you will be able to attend on a traditional Cretan wedding and learn everything about it!


Traditional Cretan Cooking Lessons

This is the chance to learn how to cook the way the Cretans do!


Crete is not famous only for its beaches but also its paths and its gorges. The area around Kissamos is full of gorges and paths! Choose the one that suites you the best, get your hats, water, sunscreen and … Have fun!!


The undersea wold of the west Crete is waiting for you to explore. For the beginners here is your chance to take scuba diving lessons!


Of course you could not leave Crete without visiting the old city of Chania with the many times photographed lighthouse! Get lost in the narrow city’s streets and feel like you are in the past!

Samaria Gorge

One the longest gorges in Europe, lying at the National park of Samaria and it’s length is 16 kilometers. Rare flora and fauna have survived in this area and they are protected species. The gorge ends to Agia Roumeli and after you enjoy a refreshing swimming there, you get the ship for your way back! The gorge opens at sunrise and closes at sunset!